Ariana Grande Performs ‘Dangerous Woman’ On The Tonight Show

It’s an odd choice, but Ariana Grande has been lying low as the build up to her highly anticipated third album, ‘Dangerous Woman’, comes to an end. With just a month left until the set arrives, Ariana began her promo tour for the record with an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to perform the record’s title track.

Is it us or has ‘Dangerous Woman’ kind of come and gone? The radio updates are good, yes – but when you factor in everything else, it’s sort of dead in the water. Since radio is still on its side, it would be smart to ride the wave until a week before the record drops and release a new single. Might we suggest something fresh that we haven’t heard yet that will take over the summer?

Pre-order ‘Dangerous Woman’ on iTunes.

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