Video Premiere: Azealia Banks – ‘The Big Big Beat’

At last! We’ve finally gotten the long awaited music video for Azealia Banks’ latest banger ‘The Big Big Beat’. After the ‘Slay-Z’ leak, and VEVO delays, was it worth the wait? Better yet – is it another classic Azealia visual?

Well, no. In fact, it’s the most stripped down visual we’ve probably seen from her since ‘212′. Dedicated to New York (and her most recent legal battles), Azealia takes her big big beat from an apartment complex to the streets. Not a whole lot of action (a whole lot of trolling and shots where she looks fabulous though!), but it’s nice to not wonder when the hell this video will drop anymore.

Are you let down by ‘The Big Big Beat’ music video?



Azealia has taken to her favorite medium (Twitter, of course!) to talk about the direction behind ‘The Big Big Beat’ video.

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