New Track: Dawn Richard – ‘Honest’

Beyonce ain’t the only R&B chick out there dropping music out of nowhere. Dawn Richard is slowly becoming known for just releasing new songs without a moment’s notice. Today, she drops the emotional track, ‘Honest’.

If we gotta be honest, this track knocks. Keeping in lane with the vibe she introduced on ‘Not Above That’, Dawn takes a trip down memory lane as she reminisces about contradicting emotions and an ex that she just can’t get out of her system.

I rather be honest/I’m not over you/Honest/Wanna be next you, Right next you/I hate you/Hate you unless I’m touching you/Then I love you/Then I want you/Shit, should I feel like this/I smoke until I choke on you/I’m over you/I’m not over you/I rather be honest

The tale of a long-time love that haunts you isn’t new, but the way Dawn attacks it with her lyrics and the chill vibe KINGDOM creates to bring the story to life make it sounded fresher than ever?

Does ‘Honest’ have you blazed?


Download ‘Honest’ on iTunes.

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