Tyler Glenn Releases Solo Single ‘Trash’

It seems like Neon Trees’ lead singer, Tyler Glenn, has a few things he needs to get off his chest. No word yet if he’s about to embark on a solo project or if he’s just experimenting artistically, but the frontman has decided to step out on his own for the one-off single, ‘Trash’.

Neon Trees fans – beware, this is entirely different than anything you’re used to hearing from Glenn. Trading in the synth pop/rock vibe his band is known for, Tyler finds himself aggressively tackling the Mormon church¬†over a electronic heavy production:

You remind me that seven sins are deadly/You used to baptize me when I wasn’t ready/Water never turns to wine/I’ve been drinking all the time/I think of you whenever I see fire in the sky

Unsure how we feel about this – this is 100% different in every single way, but we’re happy to see him step out and do something that seems therapeutic. It’s clear that this has been something that he’s been wrestling with internally for some time now. Ain’t no other outlet quite like music to confront some of the world’s most taboo of topics.

Download ‘Trash’ on iTunes.
Stream ‘Trash’ on Spotify.

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