DNCE Perform Their New Single ‘Toothbrush’ On The Voice

Hallelujah, ‘Cake By The Ocean’ is done having its day in the sun! With the funk-pop group setting their sights on another hit, the Joe Jonas fronted band have finally shifted their focus from their debut single to their new one, ‘Toothbrush’.

Last night on The Voice, the foursome gave the world television performance of their quirky soon-to-be hit. We say soon-to-be hit because the world fell in love with DNCE because of their off-color lyrics and sound. What ‘Cake By The Ocean’ introduced, ‘Toothbrush’ takes to the next level. It may not be high in energy, but it packs a mellow vibe that’s sure to take over the airwaves this summer.

Download ‘Toothbrush’ on iTunes.

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