New Single: Meghan Trainor – ‘Me Too’

With ‘No’ peaking as we speak and her sophomore album only a handful of days away, Meghan Trainor is gearing up to release her just-released new single ‘Me Too’. Is this the perfect song to keep the era afloat and exciting throughout the summer?

Hm. As expected (and like most of the material off ‘Thank You’), it doesn’t contain the same instant hit factor that ‘No’ had. However, there’s a bit of potential for this to a be a grower for most pop fans.

Described as a soul-urban pop jam, Meghan isn’t shy to brag about how fly her lifestyle and basically her entire everything is:

I thank God everyday/That I woke up feeling this way/And I can’t help loving myself/And I don’t need nobody else/If I was you I’d wanna be me too

There’s elements that scream LMFAO, there’s elements that scream, and there’s elements that are just too cheesy for us. But that beat, it’s sticky sweet and the melody in the verses is just dripping in swag. Is it bad that we borderline think this is a subtle bop?

Thoughts on Meghan’s new single?

Download ‘Thank You’ on iTunes.

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