POPTalk: Beyonce vs. Lemonade

She’s gone and done it again. Just like she did with her first visual album, ‘Beyonce, King B has gone and made the world stop with her second visual album ‘Lemonade.

There’s no secret that both albums are entirely different: from each album’s contents, look, attitude, feel, and length – we have two entirely different projects from Beyonce. They really have nothing else in common except for the fact that they’re visual albums.

But we got to thinking – could we pit ‘Beyonce’ against ‘Lemonade’? After all, taste is subjective!

So we got the crew together and dove into each’s albums sound, visual aesthetic, and themes and sounded off on which album each of us thought was the strongest. Ready to hear our thoughts? All of them can be found on the new episode of POPTalk: Beyonce vs. Lemonade!

Watch POPTalk: Beyonce vs. Lemonade below

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