Tegan And Sara Release The ‘U-Turn’ Music Video, Preview ‘Love You To Death’ Material In Concert

Tegan and Sara’s eighth studio album ‘Love You To Death’ is out next month and the girls are in the thick of a lengthy promo campaign to set up the record. These days its one thing after another with new songs being performed for the very first time live and premieres of new music videos!

Earlier this week, T&S hit up The Roxy in L.A. for a little showcase to introduce some new material to fans and industry heads. Besides performing their lead single ‘Boyfriend’, the Canadian duo shared the 80’s foot stomping jam ‘Stop Desire’ and the emotional ballad ‘100x’. ‘Stop Desire’ sounds like a bit more of a power-pop tune with a little more emphasis on guitars than synth-driven beats and ‘100x’ 100% falls in line with most of their ballads. Both sound promising, but we’ll save our final opinion for the studio version!



On top of that, the girls premiered the music video for ‘U-Turn’ today, a campy clip that puts Tegan and Sara in the middle of their very own bad 80’s cartoon!


Are you gearing up for ‘Love You To Death’?

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