Video Premiere: Jennifer Lopez – ‘Ain’t Your Mama’

Ain’t Your Mama’ started off strong for Jennifer Lopez…then faded into oblivion days after its release. In an effort to breath new life into the single, Jen has gone and dropped the music video for her Meghan Trainor penned single on VEVO this morning. Will this turn things around for the song?

Well for those that like Jennifer Lopez, the actress, this will be a real treat for you! Not only is Jen playing a fierce no nonsense report who’s tired of the stereotypical way that women are being treated, she dons a dozen different looks for the video a la her ‘Get Right’ video!

The whole equality for women angle will definitely give the video a lot of buzz which will lead to more exposure for the song. So, in a way, this could have a positive effect on ‘Ain’t Your Mama’. Will it be enough to classify it as an official hit? We’ll have to wait and see…

Download ‘Ain’t Your Mama’ on iTunes.

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