Selena Gomez Eyeing To Release An Album This Year, Will Preview New Music On The Revival Tour

Tonight’s the night, Selenators! After all her hard work and planning, the curtain goes up in Las Vegas tonight as Selena Gomez kicks off her highly anticipated Revival Tour.

With ‘Revival’ taking Selena’s career to new heights, she hasn’t been too shy about letting the world know about her plans for her next album. She’s revealed multiple times that she’s been inspired to work on new music and that she’ll be bringing her team on the road with her this summer. Turns out, she might be able to release a new record later this year.

Selena had this to say about where her new record was going to Entertainment Weekly:

Hopefully [it’ll be released this year]! It’s going so well, and I know it’s not even remotely close to being done, but I’m going in all different directions and feeling it out. If it’s great, I’m not going to hesitate to release it.

And that’s not all Selena has to share during her sit down with EW. She shared that anyone who has a ticket to the Revival Tour will get the hear some of the new music she’s been working before anyone else does.

If that doesn’t make you scoop up some tickets when she visits a city near you, we don’t know what will.

Are you ready for new Selena music?

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