Demi Lovato’s Sixth Studio Album To Be Inspired By…Death?

It’s been no secret that Demi Lovato has moved on from the ‘Confident’ era.  From her numerous social media posts from the studio to her promise of new material on this summer’s Honda Civic: Future Now Tour, Demi seems driven these days to put our another record sooner rather than later.

So what can we come to expect from Demi’s sixth studio album? It’s hard to say… There’s a collaboration with Miguel on the way and it looks like she’s reunited herself with some of the writers that crafted some of her more soulful cuts (‘Stone Cold’) from ‘Confident’.

Turns out, D6 is going to be a bit darker than Demi has ever allowed her music to get. Demi has been very vocal about some of the struggles she’s gone through in life, but this time she’s taking the focus off of her story and putting it on some of the life events she’s experienced throughout the past year.

When speaking with Latina Magazine for her cover story, Demi shared that her next album will be more soulful than ever and touch a bit on some of the people she’s lost recently

There’s a lot of pain that I experienced over the past year, and I’m so ready to write about it. I’ve stayed sober through it all, I’m a stronger person, but it’s definitely been a very painful year.

Interesting. When we reviewed ‘Confident’, we noted that some of the more soulful songs seemed like more of a natural fit for Demi and that she should really grab onto.

There’s no release date set for D6 yet, but there’s potential for it to drop before the year is up. Are you ready for Demi’s next chapter?


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