JoJo To Kickstart The ‘Mad Love’ Era This Summer

Rejoice JoJo fans! After dropping her ‘Tringle’ EP as a way to get her foot back in the door, JoJo is finally ready to release her long-delayed third studio album, ‘Mad Love’!

Aligning herself with MNEK, Pharrell, Ina Wroldsen, Jason Evigan and Tayla Parx, it sounds like Jojo has all the makings of a solid comeback record that will remind the world why they first fell in love with her over ten years ago with ‘Leave (Get Out)’.

Earlier this week, JoJo announced her plans of a new single this summer with ‘Mad Love’ tentatively slated to follow in the fall.

So, we got a plan to release new music starting this summer. Trying not to jump out of skin. In the meantime, to have fun, stay sane (almost), and keep connected with you I’m doing college shows and kinda having a blast before the new stuff hits… Hope you don’t mind me singing my heart out on some covers that I love? Thanks for being so incredibly supportive of my journey. I love you like the smell of cookies baking in the oven. (Best smell ever).

It’s been a minute, but the critics and fans have been in her corner for years. Now, it’s time for the general public to get back into the groove with JoJo.

Are you ready for JoJo’s official comeback to commence?

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