Performance: Alicia Keys on Saturday Night Live

This past week, Alicia Keys bounced back onto the scene with her brand new single ‘In Common’. With buzz at an all time high for the songstress, she took the stage at Saturday Night Live this weekend to perform her new single for the first time and to debut a new song – ‘Hallelujah’ – from her forthcoming record.

Keys looked positively elated to be able to get new music out to the world for the first time in years during her SNL stint. Kicking things off with ‘In Common’, she sent a tranquil vibe that matches the laid back tone of the single. She even managed to tear herself away from the piano to work the stage for a hot minute!

Meanwhile, ‘Hallelujah’ falls more in line with the material we’re used to getting from Alicia – a big booming ballad with an emotional message that allows her vocals to soar.

Not a bad start to the new era – we’re ready for you to serve us more, A. Key!

Thoughts on Alicia Keys’ latest appearance on Saturday Night Live?

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  1. ChrisF says:

    Im so excited for a new album and the direction this is going. Looooove!!!!

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