Video Premiere: Meghan Trainor – ‘Me Too’

After a small snag in her album roll out plans, Meghan Trainor is dusting off the drama and shaking things off! After releasing her new single ‘Me Too’ on Friday, Meghan is back again today to premiere the song’s music video!

Cute…as usual. Giving us a more cinematic vibe than ever before (think young adult rom-com, y’all), Meghan takes us through a day in her life as she preps her the ‘Me Too’ video shoot. Filled with color and energy, Meghan goes from her house, to the road, her trailer, and to the video set all in three minutes. What a tough life huh…?

Was all the drama surrounding this video worth it? Probably not, but the talk will turn into views and make this song a hit. Is it her best visual? It’s fun! As strong as ‘No’? No. But we’ll see how this one goes…

Are you a fan of the ‘Me Too’ music video?

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