Nick Jonas Performs A Solo Version Of ‘Close’ On Ellen

Nick Jonas has rebounded big time from his ‘Levels’ blunder. With ‘Close’ officially a top 30 hit and still on the rise, the ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ singer took the stage at Ellen today to flip the script on his single and breathe new life into the track.

Without Tove Lo there, Nick carried the song on his own. With his vocals all by themselves on ‘Close’, you really get to see how much of a different tone and feel Tove adds to the song. Not that a solo version is bad (we will have to get used to this…Tove Lo isn’t going to be available for every performance), it’s just the sexiness of Nick and Tove gets lost.

But hey – Nick makes up for it by changing up the energy of the track and making the solo version his own with a guitar led intro. That’s something right?

Thoughts on Nick’s solo-go at ‘Close’?

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