New Track: Charli XCX – ‘Explode’

Charli XCX has put fans through the ringer with her abrupt sonic switch up with the Vroom Vroom’ EP. Well, we have something for the fans that are still warming up to her electronic heavy sound. Last week, The Angry Birds Soundtrack dropped and feature a brand new Charli song – ‘Explode’ – that may remind you why she’s so great at what she does.

Just because she’s working closely with SOPHIE and fuckin’ with an electronic heavy sound these days doesn’t mean she can’t give fans something they’ve come to know her from. Think of ‘Explode’ as a cross between ‘Sucker’ and this new era…or really just the sequel to ‘Super Love’.  Charli is really at her best when she writes irreverent, silly pop anthems and the foot stomping, fist pumping. ‘Explode’ perfectly captures that strength.

Charli isn’t the kind of artist to repeat herself, but these nice moments that reference her previous eras are great little surprises from time to time. Don’t you agree?

Download ‘Explode’ on iTunes.
Download ‘Explode’ on Spotify.

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