Pia Mia Releases ‘Justin Bieber’

Pia Mia may still be figuring out her next move, but she isn’t letting all this time pass without treating fans to new music. Over the weekend, she dropped the smooth R&B jam ‘Justin Bieber’ and with it came many questions about the song’s title.

Is this a direct response to Justin? Are Pia and Justin a new thing? No and no. If anything, it seems like Pia’s track is a response to Justin’s ‘No Pressure’ off of ‘Purpose’. Let’s dive into the lyrics…

Justin: You ain’t gotta make your mind up right now/Calm down, don’t rush, no pressure

Pia: No we don’t have to worry about playing games/Cause you know we got us something that don’t need a name/Long as there’s no pressure/Oh, no, I don’t want no pressure

It’s more than just a coincidence, y’all. Pia may be having fun giving fans one-off tracks, but we want a summer smash that’ll make everyone notice her!

Are you waiting for more Pia Mia?

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