Is Justin Timberlake Planning On Collaborating With The Weeknd?

Are two of the most powerful men in pop music about to reunite for a mind-blowing collaboration? From the sounds of things, it’s only a matter of time before we get a Justin Timberlake/The Weeknd track…

Okay – hold up, hold up, hold up. What goes on? Keeping it ever so casual on BBC Radio today while promoting ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’, Justin let it slip that something is in the pipeline between him and ‘The Hills’ crooner

Abel and I have been talking about doing a collab soon…maybe for his

It’s common knowledge that The Weeknd is working on new material. His breakout year in 2015 was unbelievable and he’s not too stupid to let all the momentum go to waste by taking a break. Right now, he’s locked in the studio with the team behind House Of Balloons’ after cancelling his opening slot on Rihanna’s international leg of the ANTI World Tour.

Hm. Hmhmhm. Could The Weeknd be plotting something even bigger than he’s ever done before? Is Justin the right guy for this? They both share a lot of the same idols and take inspiration from the same pool of artists. It could be one of the best pop duos of all time…

Thoughts on a JTxAbel track?

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