New Track: Ella Henderson – ‘Now Say You Love Me Again’

Just last week we got new music from Ella Henderson with a cover of Kate Bush’s ‘This Woman’s Work‘, but that’s not all this UK goddess had planned for this month. Today, the ‘Chapter One’ powerhouse drops her new song ‘Now Say You Love Me Again’ – a brooding power ballad from the upcoming film Despite The Snow Falling.

How could you not love the work that Ella puts out? Just listen to her – she’s singing from her heart and soul and it really hits your core. From the top of ‘Now Say You Love Me’ Again, the tone in her voice is so rich and the emotion behind every word is completely relatable. You can pick up the defeat and cautiousness in her voice throughout every twist and turn during the song. Not many have the power to do that.

So try hit me down/Shoot to the ground/Aim for my heart/And we fall apart/Round all your weapons/Now you say you love me again

God, and the bridge on this song – such power and poise. We’ve got chills…

Thoughts on Ella’s latest song?

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