When Will Britney Spears Drop ‘Make Me’? Not Until Later This Summer

For the past month, the world has been watching and waiting for Britney Spears to release new music. Since the beginning of April, rumors began to swirl that something was about to drop – especially given the fact that Robin Leach dropped the bomb that a new single, then titled ‘Make Me (Oooh), was set for release in May.

Cut to today. We have no confirmation from Team Britney, the single is rumored to be released on May 20th or 23rd, and we’re a handful of days away from her Billboard Music Awards performance that is slated to include the debut of ‘Make Me’. So what goes on?

Apparently still not a whole lot, but we’ve got a bit of confirmation from someone close to Britney Spears. On Billboard’s latest Chart Beat Podcast, the vice president from RCA Records revealed that a new Britney Spears single would come out “this summer” and that the response from the song has been extremely positive. K – vague as all hell, but at least there’s some acknowledgement.

Here’s the twist! CapitalFM is reporting that ‘Make Me’ is due out on May 20th and Sony Music Germany also has that listed on their release roster…of course before someone noticed and took it down.

So, we’re back at square one. No one is confirming or denying that ‘Make Me’ is dropping between May 20th and 23rd and we have no idea if Britney has plans to perform it during her medley of hits at the BBMAs. What we do know is that something big is planned and that it’s going to be one hell of a surprise…

Is all this waiting making you more anxious for ‘Make Me’?


B97 FM from New Orleans is reporting that ‘Make Me’ is coming in late June/July. WHAT. GOES. ON?


Seems like yesterday’s report of late June or July was right. Robin Leach has just confirmed that ‘Make Me’ has been delayed to “unforeseen production delays” (whatever that means).

There’s no point in Britney previewing it so far in advance if we don’t even have a new release date yet She is like us truly saddened that matters outside our hands have set back the hoped-for schedule. We’re told that it’ll now be later in the summer, but we don’t even know exactly when yet until production hiccups are resolved.

Well, that’s that. Are you disappointed in the news?

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