New Single: Allie X – ‘Too Much To Dream’

Last April, Allie X breathed new life into pop with her debut EP ‘CollXtion I’. Now, it’s time for her to do it all over again. Today, she kicks off her next era with new single ‘Too Much To Dream’.

Keeping in line with the synth driven sound she’s known for, Allie mixes her delicate sound with a bit of a hard-hitting hip-hop beat on this song about being consumed by fame

Anyone can see/That I’ve had too much to dream/I’m singing till I’m screaming/Dancing till I’m bleeding/A cruel reality/When you’ve had too much to dream/Better keep your eyes shut/Cause you don’t wanna wake up

Such a fantastic twist on a concept that many other pop stars have tackled! You always hear about being drinking the Kool-Aid and letting notoriety consume them. It’s no secret that Allie X’s stock has risen within the past year and that her way of life is 100% different than what she knew it to be. ‘Too Much To Dream’ proves that she hasn’t lost her edge and is ready to start out his next cycle on the right note.

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