New Single: Brad Paisley ft. Demi Lovato – ‘Without A Fight’

When Brad Paisley teamed up with Demi Lovato at the iHeartAwards to perform ‘Stone Cold’, we all thought it was an odd, random pairing. Little did we know that the two would be working on an original song of their own called ‘Without A Fight’ that was just made available.

Interesting. Who knew that a slight country twang could give Demi that distinct edge and match the tone in her voice? For the first time in forever, she’s actually able to control the power behind her voice and sound pleasantly enjoyable versus the way she tends to over-sing in much of her solo material (tea, not shade y’all).

We’ve said it before, country isn’t our thing so this isn’t doing much for us. We’re sure a handful of Lovatics will latch onto this for a hot minute before the Honda Civic: Future Now Tour gives us more new Demi music.

Download ‘Without A Fight’ on iTunes.
Stream ‘Without A Fight’ on Spotify.

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