New Single: MØ – ‘Final Song’

Last year, MØ broke out big with the international dance hit ‘Lean On’After failing to follow things up with ‘Kamikaze’ last fall, she begins to aim for the starts again with her new single ‘Final Song’. Will this be the song that gets her back on everyone’s lips and into everyone’s ears?

100% yes. Fuck yes, it will be. Not only does ‘Final Song’ place MØ back into top 40 territory with its chant-like chorus and free flowing melodies, but god – that tropical house production. Could it be anymore on trend and perfect for summer?

This song is literally nothing but one big huge. Can we dissect the pre-chorus for a second?

But when you’re gone the music go-oh-oh-oh-whoa-ohs/I lose my rhythm lose my sou-oh-oh-whoa-oul

In all honestly, pop music has been very hit or miss this year. There was a lot riding on ‘Final Song’ and we couldn’t be happier that MØ over delivered and knocked it out of the park.

Calling it now – this could be a strong contender for the song of summer ’16.

Download ‘Final Song’ on iTunes.
Stream ‘Final Song’ on Spotify.


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