New Track: Dawn Richard – ‘Wake Up’

Good god, this woman is fast. It hasn’t even been a full week since she dropped her ‘Infrared’ EP, but Dawn Richard is back with new music!

Today, she moves onto the glitch heavy ‘Wake Up’. According to PAPER Magazine who premiered the track today, ‘Wake Up’ is slated to appear on ‘Redemptionheart’ and acts like a distant cousin of the album’s lead track. Like ‘Dance’, Dawn’s latest release could be as mainstream as this indie artist is going to get. Still, she manages to put her own special flavor on the track with vocal effects that match the track’s schizophrenic nature.

It’s not our favorite from The Red Era (‘Not Above That’ says hi), but a theme is starting to build. Things are bit lighter this time around – everything has to go hand in hand. From the look, to the music, the lyrics, everything must fall in line. It’s what Dawn excels at and ‘Wake Up’ keeps her on that wave.

Download ‘Wake Up’ on iTunes.
Stream ‘Wake Up’ on Spotify.

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