Meghan Trainor Performs ‘Me Too’ On The Tonight Show

Today couldn’t be bigger for Meghan Trainor. Her sophomore album, ‘Thank You, is finally out and it’s time to celebrate all of the hard work that was put into this record.


Last night, Meghan began her heavy NYC promo tour with a stop at The Tonight Show at Jimmy Fallon to give the television debut performance of her new single ‘Me Too’. Dressed in the same dress she dons on her album cover, Meghan lit up the stage with choreography, lighting, and dancers. She was cool, confident, and full of poise…especially when everything came to a crash at the end!


A solid 7.5/10. The choreography could have been a little bit tighter, but besides that the number was pretty polished.

Thoughts on Meghan’s debut of ‘Me Too’?



Download ‘Thank You’ on iTunes.

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