New Track/Video Premiere: Nick Jonas – ‘Chainsaw’

Nick Jonas is back on top thanks to his new single ‘Close’ featuring Tove Lo. With about a month to go until ‘Last Year Was Complicated’ drops, Nick is releasing the album’s second promo song (and the album’s rumored second single) – ‘Chainsaw’, a track that digs deep into the death of his relationship with his ex.

A few weeks ago, we were treated the very first live performance of ‘Chainsaw’ thanks to a recording of Nick’s performance on CMT Crossroads. In reality, this isn’t that new of a song for most of us. The arrangement, however, is entirely new. Ditching the country twang, Nick brings things back into his sweet spot with this soulful piano ballad.

Describing ‘Chainsaw’ as the most personal song he’s ever written, Nick sets out to the old house he used to visit with his ex and immediately is tormented by old memories. Throughout the song, he takes you on this emotional rollercoaster from reminiscing about the past to headstrong about erasing them forever.

From the looks of it, ‘Chainsaw’ seems like a natural follow-up to ‘Closer’. Could an early release hurt its potential? A good song is a good song. No matter when it’s out, all the public has to do is relate to it and off it’ll go. It’s safe to say Nick won’t have any trouble touching millions of people with this song.

Watch the music video for ‘Chainsaw’ below

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