Selena Gomez May Release ‘Feel Me’ On SoundCloud

Fans have been going nuts over a studio version of Selena Gomez’s new song ‘Feel Me after she premiered it on The Revival World Tour last weekend in Las Vegas.

Well guys, we don’t have a definitive answer about when we’ll get ‘Feel Me’, but it sounds like something might be in the works. When speaking with NOW 100.5, Selena shared why she’s been in the studio so much recently and when we actually might hear the full version of ‘Feel Me’.

The funny thing is I’ve been working on a lot of stuff. There’s not a planned album, there’s nothing in the work. My label actually called me because I think, so far, I’ve written eleven or twelve songs just because I’ve been feeling inspired. It actually comes in waves for me. So they were like “are we gonna release an album?” and I said no – I think I just wanna feel it out. 

It’s very therapeutic and I love sharing it will my fans. I might drop it on Soundcloud or something later.

We get that. Sometimes when you’re going through things, it’s easy to turn to the one outlet where you can say and do what you want and walk away feeling refreshed. Sometimes a singer will create up to forty songs for a new album and only start finding the sound for the record during the last bit of those sessions.

We’re not saying that Selena may release an album later this year, but we aren’t saying that she’ll miss the Q4 release window. She’s proven to be a hot commodity for Interscope and she’s on a upwards trend when it comes to her music. You can count on more information about new music as The Revival World Tour continues throughout the summer.

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