New Track: Ariana Grande – ‘Sometimes’

We’ve only got a few more days until Ariana Grande drops ‘Dangerous Woman‘! Staying true to her word, the pint sized diva premiered ‘Sometimes‘ on Beats1 today and finally gave us something a little bit different from the record.

After consistently delivering banger after banger, Ariana slows things down on ‘Sometimes’, trading in her hip-hop inspired beats for a breezy, acoustic lead mid-tempo. Still, Ari keeps the themes of love and obsession intact on this pseudo Bonnie & Clyde/ride-or-die anthem.

I don’t know/Why it never worked/But it’s going to now/You don’t know/What it does to me/When I feel you around/Is it love?/Is it lust?/Is it fear?/But it’s hard to breathe when you’re touching me there/Hard to breathe when you’re kissing me there/Hard to breathe, when you’re not here

Listen – sometimes a breather is necessary after a huge burst of energy. From the start of this album cycle, Ariana has raised the bar with each song and kept things (more or less) in one lane. ‘Sometimes’, while not on the same level as ‘Greedy’ or ‘Into You’ when it comes to wow factor, still gives us a bit of color and range on the record. You may not be whipping you hair, but we can guarantee that you’ll find yourself swaying back and forth to this one.

Listen to ‘Sometimes’ on AppleMusic.
Pre-order ‘Dangerous Woman’ on iTunes.

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