New Track: Ariana Grande ft. Macy Gray – ‘Leave Me Lonely’

Back when Ariana Grande performed at the T-Mobile Arena, she teased ‘Leave Me Lonely‘ featuring Macy Gray during her set. With Ari on her AppleMusic grind these days, we finally have the studio version thanks to the track’s premiere on Beats1!

We’ve all heard this song so it’s not a surprise to those who have heard it before to hear Ariana and Macy sing about a toxic relationship. For those that are new and didn’t catch the live debut of ‘Leave Me Lonely’, get ready to experience one of the more emotionally raw tracks from ‘Dangerous Woman’.

You’re a dangerous love/Baby, you’re no good for me, darling/Cause if you’re gonna love me and leave me hanging here/Then I’d rather you leave me lonely/Even though it hurts/You’re a dangerous love

Sounding like a pair of lounge singers from the Vaudeville era, it’s pretty astounding how both Ariana and Macy sound on this track. Who knew that you could bring two artists from different generations and genres to make the perfect bluesy song?

Listen to ‘Leave Me Lonely’ on AppleMusic.
Pre-order ‘Dangerous Woman’ on iTunes.

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  1. k. says:

    well… the live performance was sooo much better than this.

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