Demi Lovato Aims To Release New Music Before The FutureNow Tour

If we had an award to give to Demi Lovato, it would have to be the most eager woman in pop. For the past several years, Demi Lovato has been singing the same song about being determined to prove herself and be recognized as a force in the music industry. ‘Confident’ may have not been the moment she hoped for (more on that in a minute), but it seems like this summer Demi is finally ready to put her money where her mouth is when it comes to her future in music.

It’s up for debate whether Demi’s most recent album was a success or a failure. The funny thing is that the ‘Stone Cold’ singer would categorize ‘Confident’ as an underperformance. When speaking with Refinery29 about her plans for new music, Demi touched on the wrong moves she made with ‘Confident’ and why she won’t make the same mistake again with her new record.

I was really bummed about it because [hits was] what I was going for. I got to a point where I was like, Oh my god, it does not fucking matter. At the end of the day, I’m going to be on tour and I want to be performing songs on stage that I can sing my ass off to and really feel when I’m on stage. So now I have a much better sense of my music.

We’ve heard this from Demi before, and as recently as when ‘Confident’ was released! So it seems like all that “I’ve finally found my sound” wasn’t so true now, was it? Not to worry! With talk of Demi digging deep to really create a body of work that represents her artistry and her collaborating with unexpected guests, it seems like Demi has finally been able to tap into the kind of sound and music she wants to deliver.

Demi noted to Refinery29 that much of her new material has been created in the veins of ‘Stone Cold’, and that if she had it her way we’d be hearing it soon rather than later.

By the time I go on tour, I want to be able to perform new songs. Ideally, I would release a single next month.

The Honda Civic: FutureNow tour is scheduled to kick off on June 29th. Demi has more than enough time between now and then to drop a single and make sure fans are introduced to her new sound before they experience more of it at the show. It seems like a lot for an artist that just released a record, but when inspiration comes it comes. ‘Confident’ did elevate her pop star power slightly and she should work to keep up the momentum if she wants to be what she says she’s going to be.

Truth be told, Demi will always be a pop artist. With that being said, there’s a lot of soul in pop music lately and those authentic artists are able to breakthrough and standout against the manufactured ones. Demi has it in her, she just needs to deliver the right music. Will round six be the album to finally make people take notice of Demi?

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