New Track: Ariana Grande – ‘Moonlight’

The countdown to ‘Dangerous Woman‘ continues! With a new track being released daily on AppleMusic, today marks a special one for all of Ariana Grande’s fans. Arianators have been dying for this one for over a year now and we can finally share that ‘Moonlight‘ had arrived!

There’s no getting around the fact that ‘Moonlight’ sticks out like a sore thumb when stacked up against the other songs that appear on ‘Dangerous Woman’. Is that a bad thing? No, especially when you take into its placement on the track list into consideration.

Moonlight’ is the closest thing that represents a pre-‘Dangerous’ Ari on the record. Kicking the record off with the whimsical, fairy-tale ballad acts as the perfect bridge from the Ari from the past and the Ari that’s ready to bring you into a more adult, more sensual, and harder world.

Is ‘Moonlight’ your favorite track from ‘Dangerous Woman’ so far?


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