New Track: Ariana Grande – ‘Thinking Bout You’

Uh oh! Less than three days until ‘Dangerous Woman’ and we’ve got another leak on our hands! ‘Moonlight’ surfaced earlier this morning and now we’ve got a bonus track from the record – ‘Thinking Bout You’ to cross of the list of the last remaining songs from Ari’s third album.

Dabbling with a tropical house sound, Ariana steps out of the confident persona that she puts forth on the other album tracks and taps into her emotions as she sings about missing an ex.

I don’t have you here with me/But at least I have the memory/I tried to make it through the night/But I can’t control my mind/I’m just thinkin’ bout you

To be honest, it sound an awful lot like a Tinashe song – but that doesn’t make it any less sweeter! Ariana has been showing us a variety of different sounds and emotions on this record, but they’ve all been able to act as an extension of each other and create this fluid body of work. ‘Thinking Bout You’ is a fantastic addition to the collection of songs already made available from ‘Dangerous Woman’ and really show her growth as a lyricist, vocalist, and artist.

Thoughts on ‘Thinking Bout You’?

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