New Track: Ariana Grande – ‘Touch It’

T-minus three days until ‘Dangerous Woman’ drops! Switching it up today for all her fans on AppleMusic, Ariana Grande is turning her attention to some of the bonus tracks on the record. Today, along with a leak of ‘Moonlight, we get the highly anticipated ‘Touch It’.

Describing it as “deep” and more “romantic than the title suggests”, Ariana confesses her love to the one person who will always have her heart on ‘Touch It’.

Cause every time I’m with you/I go into a zone/and I remember all the places you want to go/Take me all the way/Ain’t nobody gonna touch it/Cause every time I see you/I don’t want to behave/I’m tired of being patient so let’s pick up the pace/Take me all the way/Ain’t nobody gonna touch it

We see where she’s going with the whole “it” angle. Ariana says it’s not as suggestive so we all assume that she’s talking about her heart. Still, this synth pop Max Martin jam couldn’t help but toss in a few innuendos or two to make you second guess what she’s really singing about.

Another solid one for Ari! Are you looking forward to tomorrow’s release?

Listen to ‘Touch It’ on AppleMusic.
Pre-order ‘Dangerous Woman’ on iTunes.

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