BROODS Release ‘Couldn’t Believe’, Perform ‘Free’ On The Late Late Show

With the summer about to begin, generic BROODS is ready to kick off an extensive promo campaign for their new album, dosageConscious’, patient due out on June 24.

Starting things off on a high note, the New Zealand brother/sister duo follow up the release of the album’s lead single with a slamming synth-pop track called ‘Couldn’t Believe’.

Acting as a total contrast to ‘Free’, BROODS latest offering finds Georgia blissfully in love and ready to give into to this new feeling that she’s never experience before.

You never kept anyone for long/I was the worst at being alone/You came around when I needed you/Let’s give in to this, give in to this, give in to this


Debuting new songs from ‘Conscious’ and giving radio interviews isn’t the only thing on BROODS’ agenda these days. The duo managed to book a slot on The Late Late Show with James Corden to give the live television debut of ‘Free’. Shaky at times, but overall raw and authentic. A great reminder of why these two will be ones to watch throughout the summer.

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