Fergie Teases New Music, Performs ‘You Already Know’ Ft. Nicki Minaj

It seems like we’ve been waiting for Fergie’s sophomore album for eons now. Every time we get a little bit of news, order it seems like we go ten steps back.

With word that her new album ‘Double Dutchess’ is imminent, recipe Fergie has taken to her social media accounts to preview a hard-hitting new track that sounds completely different from anything she’s ever done.

Interesting! But not as interesting as the new song she premiered during a recent gig in Rio! ‘You Already Know’ is the title of the song, visit this it’s rumored to be her new single, and features Nicki Minaj.

While ‘L.A. Love (La La)’ found Fergie trying to hop on the latest trend in hip-hop, ‘You Already Know’ places the singer back into her comfort zone with the sample heavy 90’s house jam. The song clearly wasn’t previewed in full given that the performance cut off right at the start of Nicki’s verse, but things seem really promising here!

Hopefully Fergie won’t keep us waiting too much longer.

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