New Single: Bea Miller – ‘yes girl’

For a considerable amount of time now, we’ve been sort of pushing Bea Miller off to the side after her stint on The X-Factor and throughout the release of her debut album. But, when an artist releases such a raw song like Bea did with ‘yes girl’, it’s almost impossible to not stop and take notice.

Good god. Listen to how much conviction and angst she has in her voice. There’s some real artist growth going on here and hopefully she’s been able to tap into something as authentic as this alternative driven for her sophomore album.

There’s no denying that ‘yes girl’ is very much wiser beyond her years and that’s the beauty of it. Coming from a show that pumps out manufactured artists and experiencing what the industry is truly like can be traumatic for such a young artist. Instead of buckling under the pressure and letting Hollywood consumer her, she takes all that frustration and puts it back into her music. Genius.

I got you figured out, you need to have control/You think that I don’t know you, I know you, I know/Trying to tell you now, I’ve been doing what you want/But I won’t be your yes girl, no, not anymore/Just let me go, just let me go

It’s all so subtle, but the punch that ‘yes girl’ gives you is stronger than most of her peers. Bea is at that in between stage in her career. She’s not fully ready to compete on the pop charts, but she’s got a bit of a buzz thanks to her loyal fanbase. Could the tides be turning and is pop radio ready for someone like Bea?

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