New Single: Phoebe Ryan – ‘Boyz N Poizn’

Phoebe Ryan caught our ears (and hearts) last year with her breakout hit ‘Mine’. After jumping back on the scene at the top of the year with ‘Chronic’, Phoebe is back again with her latest single ‘Boyz N Poizn’.

A tribute to those wild night, Ryan puts her lyrical talent to the test by listing off a few of those bad boys that we all love to chase when we’re out living it up

John, Jack and James, calling my name/Every night I’m looking for some, Captain Watson

Clever – and much like the rest of the song! The mellow vocal delivery and laid back production provide a stark contrast to the flirty and fun story Phoebe is singing about. Another solid one from one of pop’s most promising rising stars!

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