Fleur East Performs ‘Sax’ On The Late Late Show

What a way to start out in the U.S.! Fleur East swore at the top of the year that she would make her way over Stateside to introduce all of us to what the UK has been obsessed with for months. Fresh off her debut on the Dancing With The Stars finale, Fleur has officially begun her takeover with a high octane performance of ‘Sax’ on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Good god, what a woman. There’s no denying that Fleur is a star and will break through this summer with this bonafied hit. There wasn’t a single missed during that performance. Her vocals were clear and confidence, her dancing was sharp and crisp, and she didn’t dare let up the energy for a second. And that lift at the end….iconic.

Will Fleur be the U.S.’s next big sensation this summer?

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