Sia, Zayn, & Ariana Grande Perform On The Voice Finale

This year on The Voice finale, it was a who’s who list of the biggest names in pop throughout the evening. Not only did they have Sia on hand to perform her new hit, but Zayn and Ariana Grande also took the stage to sing their brand new singles throughout the evening.

With Maddie Ziegler & co. in tow, Sia gave the same performance of ‘Cheap Thrills’ that she has been giving. You know what – we’ll take it because this kind of exposure will let this song become the hit it so rightfully deserves to be. Speaking of same performance as usual, Zayn – yet again – stood there and go swallowed by the stage because he simply has zero interest in being a live performer ever! Frustrating to watch someone who really isn’t all that into it, huh?

Hands down, the most dynamic performance of the evening belonged to Ariana Grande. Kicking off her performance with a flashy rendition of ‘Into You’, things quickly shifted as the pint sized singer brought out Christina Aguilera for a once-in-a-lifetime performance of ‘Dangerous Woman’. What could have been an attempt to out sing each other actually turned out to be an alright collab! Did Christina need to contribute more than some grunts and moans during the chorus? Of course – but when we walked out during that second verse – unreal.

Who had the best performance of the night during The Voice finale?



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