Britney Spears To Release ‘Make Me’ In July, B9 By Late 2016

Ay, ya, ya. It’s been a total run around when it comes to Britney Spears’ new single ‘Make Me’. One second, it’s due imminently with her ninth album to arrive shortly after. The next, it’s set to drop prior to her Billboard Music Awards performance. Then, it’s pushed back to late summer. Sigh.

Well, summer is basically here and the great new is we don’t have to wait too long before Britney invades our ears with this new, mysterious sound she’s said to have been toying with in the studio. Thanks to a little tip off from Entertainment Weekly, it looks like Britney’s next era is slated to kick off in July.

Was this the best strategy? It’s a toss up. Britney earned an incredible amount of praise after her BBMAs performance and everyone is watching and waiting for her next move. The rumored reason it was pushed back at the last minute which was due to a production dispute – something we don’t really buy because what even? To be honest, Team Britney wasted a prime opportunity to make a splash at one of the biggest events of the season with the latest reinvention of her sound.

But on the other hand, the hype surrounding Britney hasn’t been this loud in a while. Not everything needs to come at once. Like we said, there are millions of people watching and waiting to see what happens next. The fact that she was able captivate people with that performance, she’s already starting this era on a high note. Let’s get real for a second, she needs it after ‘Britney Jean’.

So when in July? Well we hate to break it to you, but Britney is performing in Vegas until July 13th. Could it come two days later on July 15th? It’s possible. Is it likely? Who’s to say? Just don’t expect it during the first half of the month.

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