Is Katy Perry Releasing A New Album In 2016?

Since last year, it was reported that Katy Perry would take a little time off before dropping her follow up to ‘Prism’ in 2016. We’re about half way into the year and little to no word from Katy about new music, but we do know that she’s been in the studio carefully crafting her next move.

Things can change within a year. Inspiration can come easy or it could be an uphill battle and delay things. According to a recent interview during a Cannes Film Festival appearance, Katy let it slip that it looks like things are still on track for new music sometime this year.

If she’s already saying that she’s touring in 2017, it’s clear that a new album cycle is already mapped out. Katy has become a huge pop star thanks to her last two records so demand is at an all time high for her to deliver her next record sooner rather than later.

The norm for Katy is about three years in between albums. It’s getting to be that time and she’s notorious for releasing music in the summer with an album in the fall. Are we blissfully unaware that Katy is about to release a new single sometime within the next three months? All signs point to yes…

Are you ready for KP4?

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