Kesha Performs ‘I Shall Be Released’ At DylanFest

As long as Kesha is keeping up with her career and taking the appropriate steps to stay on top, we’ll be watching and waiting for her next move. Not long after her cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘It Ain’t Me, Babe’ at the Billboard Music Awards, the singer jetted to Nashville for DylanFest to pay tribute to her hero once again with a cover of ‘I Shall Be Released’.

A wise choice that rings true for Kesha and her fans. Every move she’s made this year has been smarter than the last. She’s worn the title “warrior” for the past few years, but there’s no time like the present where it rings more true. It’s small things like this that will help her in the long run to rebrand and reinvent herself.

She’s already gor the public on her side and we speak for everyone when we say we can’t wait for her next appearance.

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