New Single/Video Premiere: Martin Solveig ft. Tkay Maidza – Do It Right

Several years ago, Martin Solveig nabbed the title of “Song Of The Summer” with his Dragonette-assisted single ‘Hello’. It seems like he’s aiming to snatch that same title this year by the sounds of his new single ‘Do It Right’ featuring Tkay Maidza.

No surprise here, Martin is embracing the overly popular house trend that’s dominating pop and EDM and giving it a bit of a tropical twist. Of course Martin’s production is on point (and the 90’s flavor really suits his strengths as a DJ) and those percussion-based drops in the chorus are a treat, but it’s Tkay Maidza’s flirty vocal delivery that really elevates this song.

Cooing to her would-be suitor to come on over and how to make the night last, Maidza’s successfully becomes to the star of ‘Do It Right’. There isn’t much to what she has to offer, but it’s the way that she nails each and every lyric that counts here. Her coyness is at 10/10, her playfulness is at a 20/10 – she’s selling it and selling it hard.

Thoughts on Martin & Tkay’s collab?

Watch the music video for ‘Do It Right’ below

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