New Tracks: Fifth Harmony – ‘Big Bad Wolf’ & ‘1000 Hands’

A new era for Fifth Harmony has officially begun with the release of their sophomore album ‘7/27′. Like most albums, different territories are getting slightly different track lists which means extra songs for Harmonizers to tack onto the album.

In Japan, the girls have attached ‘Big Bad Wold’ and ‘1000 Hands’ to ‘7/27′. Could these tracks have made the standard and deluxe editions of the album in every other territory? Hardly.

For one, both songs have totally different sounds than the tropical vibe that runs throughout ‘7/27′. ‘Big Bad Wold’ relies more on an electro beat and off-color melodies throughout the verses. We can see how they’re trying to go a little left and shock people, but it doesn’t really hit the mark. Props to that chorus though!

When it comes to ‘1000 Hands’, the girls stay very traditional and deliver a straight-forward piano ballad. This is something we’ve always wanted from Fifth Harmony. Is this the exact song we wanted to be their first ballad? No. It’s not that great to be honest. Still, we’re open to the idea of more ballads from them in the future. They just have to get with the right team to help them deliver the right one.

Are you feeling either one of these Japanese exclusive tracks?

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