Paula Abdul Eyeing A Comeback Tour

Reunion tours are all the rage these days. From boybands teaming up to go on tour together to TRL-era acts hitting up multiple cities, any one who had minor relevance over the past twenty years or so has experience a peak in popularity again.

Enter Paula Abdul, late 80s-early 90s pop star and former American Idol judge. Paula will be joining the line up at Mixtape Festival this August in Hershey, Pennsylvania with the likes of O-Town, Ryan Cabrera, Dream, New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees. What made Paula join this event isn’t too clear. After all, she almost exclusive performed on American Idol for the better part of her time there and released two one-off singles that went nowhere.

With nostalgia at an all time high lately, it didn’t take Paula to put two and two together and realize what this one appearance could lead to. A tour, perhaps? Paula doesn’t count it out! During a recent interview, Paula teased the idea that her Mixtape Festival slot may have more weight to it than meets the eye.

It could be [the start of a tour], if I have a really good time.

There’s no doubt that a tour is lined up for her. How big of a tour remains to be seen, but a small 30 city, theatre tour wouldn’t be a surprise. A throwback artist like Paula Abdul doesn’t just announce a major one-off date like this without a reason. Plus, she’s back on our TVs this summer on So You Think You Can Dance. We smell a finale performance and a tour announcement at the end of the season.

Let’s not forget how great of a performer Paula used to be. She was always cutting edge – mixing jazz choreography with hip-hop moves. Let’s not forget about the fierce tap dancer she is. And you know what? She’s still got it! Not many women her age could turn out a performance like she does.

Would you see Paula Abdul if she were to launch a tour?

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2 Responses

  1. Bar says:

    Of course I would love to see her touring

  2. Gibby Padia says:

    Heck yes I have been listening to Paula Since she burst out in 1988. I was 7yrs old and always wanted to see her in concert. The last time she came through Colorado for a major tour production was in 1992 for her Spell Bound Tour. I was 11yrs old and that was the last Tour Paula ever did. 23yrs later she is ready to give her fans what they’ve been wanting More Paula Abdul. If this is true and a Major Tour happens I definitely at the age of 34 will hands down buy tickets to see her. A dream come true for sure. I have heard that Paula will Tour in 2017 and she will be joined with New Kids On The Block and Boyz II Men. The tour is scheduled to kick off in May 2017 and is slated to hit 45 City’s through the Fall 2017 before wrapping up. If all pans out well maybe we can finally get a full Album of New Material from Paula that she would promote in 2018 with another Tour Production ????

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