REPORT: Fergie To Surprise Release ‘Double Dutchess’ In June

Here we go again. Every couple of weeks, we feel like we’re sharing that Fergie’s new album, ‘Double Dutchess’, is about to be released. Her team shared at the top of the year that the record was being mastered and her husband, Josh Duhamel, shared earlier this month that the record was coming any minute.

It looks like Josh couldn’t keep Fergie’s little secret to himself once again. While speaking to the Associated Press about helping veterans during Memorial Day weekend, Josh shared that Fergie’s new album should arrive within the next week and a half.

She is releasing this album, which I’m told is going to be in like 10 days, but I’m not saying anything. But yeah, there’s going to be that whole release and then the beginning of next year she’ll be touring so it’s good. One of us will be home, one of us will be gone and we’ll meet. That’s the plan. Who knows? We’re making it up as we go!

It seems likely that Josh is right. Fergie has been doing one-off performances and debuting new music along the way, the most recent in Rio where she performed ‘You Already Know featuring Nicki Minaj. Let’s not forget the mysterious teaser she uploaded to her social media profiles last Friday.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, y’all. If she stays in with the typical Friday release, we could see the album coming in less than a week (keep in mind, Josh most likely gave this interview a few days ago). Could it be a streaming exclusive for a short time before seeing a wide release? Who’s to know. All we know is that Fergie is up to something and all is about to be revealed…

Are you preparing yourself for the arrival of ‘Double Dutchess’?

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