Tove Lo Finishes Work On Her “Darker, Techno” Sophomore Album

Just because Tove Lo hasn’t released a solo single of her own in a while, doesn’t mean she hasn’t been able to keep her name out there with a handful of collabs as she worked on her sophomore album.

It looks like it didn’t take her long at all to write and record her follow up to ‘Queen Of The Clouds’! On the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards, Tove shared with FUSE that she just finished working on her record and what fans can expect from her on this second go around.

I’m so super happy with it. It’s, again, very personal – everything I’ve been through has been arm pinching, crazy new experiences. It’s a lot of emotions to put in there. There’s definitely a different sound to it. A little bit more of a dark, techno vibe blended with pop. Very personal lyrics – a little bit dreamier sometimes. Not as blunt, but every now and then I’ll throw in a really clear, obvious dirty sentence.

Back during her Jingle Ball tour, Tove Lo shared that The Weeknd’s ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ inspired her and would try to take some of that ominous feel and translate into her sound. It seems like she found a way to make that work for her, keep what fans loved about her with the last record, and really evolve to the next level.

Could a fall release be on track for Tove Lo? She didn’t want to give any dates out to FUSE, but with the way she described the record a darker, dance track could set the tone for radio once the seasons change. Keep in mind she’s jumping on Maroon 5’s fall tour at the end of September.

Are you ready for Tove’s next record?

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