A New Katy Perry Song Called ‘Witness’ Leaks

For quite some time now, it’s been rumored that Katy Perry would release new music before the end of the year and launch a worldwide tour in 2017. Things have been a bit unclear and all we’re aware of is that Katy is in the studio working on KP4.

Earlier this morning, a demo of a song called ‘Witness’ surfaced online (after a bit of a hacking incident the singer experienced on Twitter last night) and it provides some insight into what Katy is working on.

For those worried that she would give us ‘Teenage Dream 3.0′, rest assured that Katy has looked beyond her usual crop of collaborators to introduce a new sound for her new era.

So what does ‘Witness’ sound like? It’s moody, it’s very etherial, it relies more on a trance/electronic beat than anything Katy has ever released before, and finds Katy maturing for – quite possibly – the first time ever.

We’re all just looking for a connection/Yeah, we all want to be seen/I’m looking for someone who speaks my language/Someone to ride this ride with me/I’m just looking for a witness in all of this/A witness to get me through this

Slap Alicia Keys’ ‘In Common’ with a bit of Dawn Richards’ style with a tiny pinch of house and you have ‘Witness’! There’s no telling if it’ll make KP4 or if this has even been created within the past few months. We’re remaining optimistic and hoping that Katy’s listened to what fans have wanted from her and is ready to introduce her reinvention to the world sooner rather than later.

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