Alicia Keys Performs A Medley At The UEFA Champions League Opening Ceremony

Medleys are all the rage, y’all. Sometimes when a pop star has a flashy performance, they rely on old hits before they slam into their latest single. Britney Spears just did in on the Billboard Music Awards and now Alicia Keys did somewhat of a similar arrangement when she was asked to perform at the UEFA Champions League Opening Ceremony.

Kicking off her set with ‘Girl On Fire’, Alicia blazed through her latest chart topper before transitioning into her classic hit ‘Empire State Of Mind’ and her new single ‘In Common’. And…that was it. Not for nothing, but Alicia Keys is a viable force in the music industry. Could the ceremony not double her performance time to accommodate for more of her hits? Like ‘Karma’, for one?

Or maybe Alicia is to blame? With so much of the focus on ‘In Common’ and making it a success maybe she was clouded by that fact and left out her previous hits on purpose?

Despite the short running time and absence of hits, it’ll still great to watch Alicia perform the song that made her who she is. You almost forget how much she’s contributed to music in her decade plus career.

Watch Alicia Keys open up the UEFA here.

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