Is A Drake & Justin Bieber ‘One Dance’ Remix About To Drop?

Looks like Drake is ready to breathe new life into ‘One Dance’ to keep it on top for most of the summer. At a club in Monaco, a remix to his #1 single was spun featuring none other than Justin Bieber. So is it safe to say that a remix featuring the two artists is imminent?

This couldn’t be the first time Justin and Drake have linked up together – officially and unofficially. Drake hopped onto ‘Believe’ back in the day and last year Justin flipped the script on Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’. We’re really not mad at the idea of a Drake & Bieber ‘One Dance’ remix! ‘One Dance’ quite possibly be the song of the summer, but it’s facing the threat of peaking early. With Justin tacked on, the public would eat it up and keep the song going well into August.

Thoughts on the brief snippets of the ‘One Dance’ remix featuring Justin Bieber?

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